Josh Pryor

Josh is an enthusiastic student and teacher with a fetish for metaphysical philosophy. Having traversed analytical, creative, and management roles in the corporate world, Josh is thrilled to be able to employ all aspects of mind in teaching students at all levels. Josh has spent his working life facilitating self-development programs, won a Heart Foundation award for a holistic health program, and has undertaken numerous yoga trainings and apprenticeships in Newcastle and India.

Josh enjoys reconciling pragmatism and neuroscience with yoga and meditation, to ensure tangible benefits for students in their everyday lives. Josh spreads his passion through light and sensitivity, and has studied with various Western scholars and teachers, as well as some strange people in Indian ashrams.

Bess Stewart

Bess loves reading the stories of a body, because every body has a different story to tell. With degrees in Biomedical Science and Physiotherapy, along with qualifications in Pilates and Yoga, Bess has the tools to help people change their health, they become empowered to change themselves.

Along with physical manipulation and treatment, Bess believes that a lot of the time people need to talk about what’s going on in their bodies: the good, the bad, and the old and forgotten. We learn to understand what that energy needs was the next clear shift.