• The desire for growth is cultivated

    Our Reasons

The Eternal Practice

Benefiting humanity through the ages

Because once you feel the medium-term effects of this practice, the word discipline loses its meaning.

Through the practice we discover a source of joy that comes from within and automatically reduces your cravings for external stimulation and gratification. The sense of empowerment that gradually develops, knowing that you can be the author of your own mind, and therefore your own body, is profound.

The universal outcome is an increasingly strong and supple body, a feeling of vitality, and a calm, focused mind.

It doesn’t matter what’s stopping you, it doesn’t matter what stopped you before. The way forward is so bright you need to close your eyes sometimes as you surge into the expanses. You can follow your interests and the things which create a feeling of excitement.

Increasingly, you become more of your true and whole Self.

This is the purpose of Yoga.