Ashtanga Yoga Fundamentals

6 Modules 25 Lessons Easy

About this course

In between each seated pose and potentially in between each leg of each pose, we perform a jump back and a jump through.

The intention of this movement is to:

  • Reset the spine
  • Perform a very deep a cleansing breath
  • Develop abdominal and shoulder strength

Gradually, over many years, you will become flexible enough to slide your body through your arms as well as lift yourself off the ground. But it takes time. The strength gained in yoga is not just physical, it also manifests in a steadying of the mind and healing within the body.

It is an integration that gives access to something much larger than any individual part.

When you stand at the bottom of a mountain that feels impossible to climb and then with slow, steady perseverance begin to find the technique, strength, and faith needed to ascend to the peak, you build self-esteem.

The idea in yoga is that there is no one to ultimately rely upon for your success except yourself. Yoga does not ask you to be strong from the first day. You might not be able to perform various yoga poses on the first try, but if you unroll your mat every day and try for many years, the promise that yoga makes you is that one day you will indeed be strong beyond your wildest dreams.

When you see the techniques presented here, you will be challenged and your limits will be tested. This is a good thing.

As a beginner, you may wonder whether you are the wrong shape, size, or weight to be able to catapult your hips through the air.

This may be especially true if you are female. But this type of thinking undermines your own power and a true sense of nuance across genders. There are plenty of males who are hypermobile and unable to lift their butts off the ground, just as there are many females who are stiff as a board, yet very strong.

Don’ let your preconceived ideas about what you “should” be able to do affect your attitude.

You will surprise yourself!

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