Turning upside down

Lesson 22 Module 6

There is a time in life to view things from a different perspective.

The closing sequence includes shoulder stand and also the headstand. For most people going upside down is a new and slightly unnerving experience and there is a natural and healthy fear. This is part of the practice, a gradual realisation that we keep growing and stretching ourselves at all ages.

Please give yourself time in this process. Some fear is necessary in life. There are fears that keep us alive and also there are fears that keep us from truly living. We use poses like this to understand the difference.

Remember that skipping a pose is always a valid option. Build your confidence over time.

It is best to have personal assistance whenever possible. Keep your breath moving and relax the mind. Feel your connection to the earth and grow from there. Breathe with awareness and focus. Free the mind. Relish the moment. Capture the magic of life present in each breath.

Feel the wonder of consciousness and the pleasure of practicing yoga.