The goal and the attitude

Lesson 3 Module 1

Humans being social creatures, for any kind of spirituality to be useful, it must operate with a sense of community. It is important to have an attitude of giving and service, rather than of ambition and wanting to be better than others.

In yoga we are deliberately improving ourselves so that we are better able to serve others and our common goal.

It is also very important that we have a long-term approach. Rather than wanting to succeed in the short term we commit ourselves to a livelong practice. Being in a hurry ironically tends to slow us down.

Additionally, it is important to practice daily if we can, and if that is not possible then as often as we can. Without regular practice success is less likely.

The goal of Ashtanga Yoga is spiritual freedom, samadhi. It is identical with the Japanese term satori. Yoga teaches that we have made ourselves un-free through the conditioning of our mind, which is similar to the programming of a computer. Yoga enables us to become free of this robotic programming so that we can experience the world as it truly is.

It gets easier as you go along. As you continue to mature you are harvesting the seeds you sowed in the early years of practice. It keeps getting better and better.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga will give you radiant health, and a peaceful yet concentrated mind. Yoga gives a balanced personality and a positive outlook on life, even helping us contribute to the lives of others.