Surya Namaskar A

Lesson 13 Module 3

If you were to do only one physical yoga practice, it would surely be the sun salutations, and there are many people for whom this is their sole practice.

If you simply did this practice most days of the week - and nothing more - over the course of your life, you would be a supremely fit and flexible person.

This short set of fundamental movements contains just about everything we need to maintain a healthy spine, hip mobility, core and upper body strength, and an increasingly large lung capacity.

In many ways the rest of the yoga poses we will explore over the next few months really are there to enhance your sun salutations.

Usually we do 5 rounds of surya namaskar A and 3 rounds of surya namaskar B.

Your teacher will advise you on these details and we may modify the movements quite a lot to suit your individual body.