Lesson 7 Chapter 1 Module 1

Mysore style is the way yoga has been taught for a very long time. In the last couple of decades, with the influx of yoga into the West, there is a preponderance of the newer led class format.

In a short space of time you will come to see that Mysore style yoga classes are the most rational next step beyond led classes, to allow the flourishing of each individual within a time-tested and safe framework.

Our teachers are here to support you so never hesitate to tell us how you’re feeling or ask the questions you’re curious about. Any time you have questions please feel free to ask in the studio or to send an email.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for bringing your individuality to our shared space.

All of us together, people of many ages and experience levels, sharing a common interest and a common desire to live a healthy life.