Step by step

Lesson 4 Chapter 1 Module 1

At the start we assume you know nothing about yoga. We walk you through all of the fundamentals of the practice, what sort of attitude and expectations to cultivate, the way to breathe, how to monitor your energy, and of course the physical poses.

In a Mysore style class, everyone is taught one-on-one and learns the postures gradually according to their own bodily needs. As every human body is unique, it is desirable to learn each posture in a way that is tailored to suit the individual skeletal structure, physical fitness and emotional temperament.

The best way to learn and have an easy time is to allow yourself to be a total beginner and have no notion of what to expect in a class. Just arrive, be taught, and you will experience a gradual unfoldment of physical ability and comfort.

Soon you will experience feelings of expansion, deep relaxation, and playfulness.