Embrace being a beginner

Lesson 3 Chapter 1 Module 1

Whatever your level of experience, you will have moments of vulnerability. It is a natural thing to feel out of your depth, like a beginner from time-to-time.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself standing there with no idea what comes next.

When that happens, assign a positive meaning to that experience. Treat it as a moment to rest, relax, and maybe look around the room. You will notice that most people need a hand from time to time to remember something, or to have something explained.  

If the teacher is speaking to someone else, they will soon finish and come to you and teach you the next pose.

Below is an example of what the room looks like. The people in this photo have experience levels ranging from one month to over five years. Some of them are finishing their practice, some are just beginning, one of them is waiting for the teacher to come over and show them the next pose, and one of them is feeling tired so just having a rest rather than do their normal routine.

Within a few months you’ll be doing things that you were previously certain you could not possibly do.  You may even have the sweet experience of noticing a brand new first-timer enter the room and appear as overwhelmed as you once did. Your heart will be warmed and you’ll flash them a welcoming smile.

Even after a few years of practice you will still need to sometimes pause and wait for the teacher to come. Again and again, this experience of relying on a friendly resource continues until you are an expert and have achieved perfection in every sense (which never actually occurs of course!)

This process trains us to be comfortable within ourselves, knowing we are allowed to be vulnerable. So, embrace the relief of being a beginner in some sense, the experience of life opening new doors and containing new adventures and new things to learn, of being free to flop around carefree like a child and have space held for you.