Sensations in the body

Lesson 6 Chapter 1 Module 1

It's natural to want to get better at yoga as quickly as possible, and the most effective way to see changes is by showing up as consistently as you can, while also honouring the sensations you feel in the body. 

On each day that you practice, pay attention to how certain parts of the body are feeling and work within that space with a sense of patience. If you’re low in energy on a certain day, let us know and we can hold space for you, and offer a simpler set of poses to suit you.

Please do also let us know about areas of pain in your body or any uncertainties you have. Most people have things going on in the body which are best addressed early on. There are always options, and many ways to modify the poses to suit you.

You will learn a lot about yourself, how to detect subtle in your body and your emotions.

Practice ought to be enjoyable! So make sure you use the teacher's expertise to make that a priority. Ask as many questions as  you like.