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    Yoga Studies Immersion

200 Hour Yoga Study Immersion

Yoga Teacher Training

Your 200 study course covers:

Module 1: Classical Philosophy and Subtle Energy Systems

Reveal the history and meaning of yoga; karma, bhatki, kundalini, tantra, vedanta
Understand the geometries of the various yogic bodies
Learn why and how we expand and stabilise the energetic body
Explore methods for harmonising and channelling the creative force
Learn personalised methods for moving through blockages
Explore practical techniques of manifestation and attraction
Learn the role of intelligence, emotion, and desire in yoga
Learn about yogic ethics, concentration, and relaxation techniques

Module 2: The practice of physical Yoga and applied anatomy and physiology

Learn classical postural yoga in the Ashtanga Vinyasa method
Understand sequencing of postures to establish balance and longevity
Learn methods of teaching, voice projection, non-verbal communication
How to adjust and assist students of Solar, Lunar, and mixed topologies
Learn the variable nature of joints, reshaping of the skeleton through yoga
Study of neural systems both within and outside of the brain
How to make dynamic the fluids within the spine
Support stimulation of intelligence by optimising movement patterns

Module 3: Yoga therapy and assisting techniques

Hands-on assisting techniques that uncover depth and expansion
Tools for injury prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment plans

Module 4: Yoga teacher lifestyle

Prosperity through ethical conduct
Personal energy management
Authentic promotion in a crowd

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50 Hour Meditation Immersion

Meditation Teacher Training

Your 50 hour course includes:

How to map the terrain and layers of your mind to reveal the central fountain of creativity
Legitimate and adaptive use of yogic concepts of chakras and transcendence
Learn the practical meaning of terms like Consciousness and Self
Unification of eastern and western psychology in vastly practical ways
How to adhere and use esoteric concepts without frightening your family
Learn breath control and nerve purification techniques, and methods for improving metabolism and sleep
Learn the universal building blocks of known as Light and Sound
Absorb ancient metaphysics and cosmology which spans beyond faith
Practical application of Yoga Nidra, Vedic, Chakra, and Inner Space meditation techniques

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